London Corinthia Wedding

london corinthia wedding London Corinthia Wedding РMarie & Hisham

Marie & Hisham’s London Corinthia Wedding was my last wedding of 2016, and it was a wonderful way to end a spectacular year of weddings as Marie and Hisham couldn’t have been more chilled to work for if they tried. Just, do your thing was the basic remit of the day, and thats music to any wedding photographers ears. To be able to immerse yourself doing something you love whilst all around you leave you be is pretty much the icing on the cake for any job, so big high fives, back slapping and thanks not only go to Marie & Hisham, but also to Hannah from the hotel who is always a delight to work with.

So we had a wedding of two halves really. We had a British feel and theme to the first half in the form of the ceremony, drinks and chinks and photos as well as a cameo appearance from the man of the moment Father Christmas, and then after the half time break we went for a Middle Eastern vibe with drummers, belly dancers and a flotilla of fez’s. And there is no better way to start a party than to bang some drums and wobble some bellies. Marie & Hisham showed us their skills in parts, but essentially (and quite rightly) only had eyes for each other, so it was Hisham’s Mother who took a starring role when it came to the boogie with the belly girl responsibilities. One of the many advantages of being a photographer is that on such occasions you have the perfect excuse not to join in because you are working. I have the belly for sure and I have the wobble but in no way could I attempt the timing and the moves without causing damage and embarrassment all round. All jolly fine fun though and a brilliant way to head into the festive period. Have fun!

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