Connaught Wedding

 connaught wedding

Connaught Wedding – Karen & Roy

Photographing a Connaught wedding, there is always a fair chance you will have a selection of supercars to navigate your way through to get to the entrance, but on this occasion we had our very own in the form of a rather sparkly red Ferrari courtesy of Karen & Roy. And as is tradition with cars belonging to a new Mrs & Mrs it has be adorned with tin cans off the rear. Of course we were in Mayfair darling so the cans were of the Gordon’s G&T variety rather than your real ale but they rattled and tinkled nonetheless. Quite how we could hear them over the roar of the racing beast as it took in a few circles of the neighbourhood is beyond me but it looked like dam good fun.

Its a smart corner of town this, and Karen & Roy fitted that remit perfectly, reflecting the understated elegance that The Connaught is know for. We had a later ceremony followed by sunshine and champers before taking a seat for the evening feast and speeches. The highlight being a very touching offering from Roy’s two daughters. As a Father of two daughters myself I could understand why the ‘fly in the eye’ had returned, but if you cant get misty over your kids and your new wife then life aint worth living baby!

Jukebox jury was on the cards for post dinner party time courtesy of Karen & Roy’s very own Wurlitzer so I would imagine the tunes were louder than the supercars outside by close of play. A might fine end to a lovely day. Thanks be to Nadia and Mira from The Connaught for their help on the day as well as their teamies are always on the ball when it comes to all things 5 star.