Connaught Hotel Wedding


Connaught Hotel Wedding – The Head Family

Yes, it does say Connaught Hotel Wedding in the title, and it does say family rather than Debbie & Daniel, and the reason for this is simple. These guys (as well as Meg, Frankie, Bonny & Liam) are a family, and a mighty fine one at that, so in the interests of authenticity I think its fairer to say it as I have. Not only were they all sharing an apartment for the preparations, but they all walked down the aisle together and sat together during the wedding breakfast as well. This may not sound all that ground breaking to some, but I think it was rather heart warming to see a family sharing their special day as these guys did. Not one more important or less important than the other, all for one and one for all!  I was only with them for around 4 hours, but in that time, it was easy to see why I didn’t have to ask for smiles when shooting them.

So what does a really tight knit top notch family do for honeymoon then? Ditch the kids with the Grandparents and zip off to Dubai for some winter sun? Park them in some godforsaken kids club somewhere? No, you know better than that, they all go away and honeymoon together and rightly so. Lucky they got all the passports sorted in time then! You did do that didn’t you? You did make sure that none of the aforementioned passports hadn’t expired didn’t you? Whoops! You can’t just take your favourite two away with you you know! LOL. I laugh because I know its been sorted, but seriously, thats one easy mistake to make in the lead up to a wedding isn’t it? So remember folks, for all of you planning a family wedding, this weeks tip from the wedding industry expert is check your expiries before you get your Euros!

Thanks be to Janet at The Connaught for her help and smiley face as well as the registrars as they never get a mention.

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