Cliveden House Wedding

April 30, 2018

cliveden house wedding

Cliveden House Wedding – Sarah & Michael

A Cliveden House Wedding is always going to stir the shutters of any decent photographer as not only do you get the sumptuous backdrop of such a historical abode but you also get to walk in the footsteps of the great and the good whom have previously spent time here. The great and the good for this day was the fabulous Sarah & Michael who not only rocked the place but they showed the true essence of any wedding is family and laughter. When I spoke to Sarah & Michael they mentioned that they not only wanted images that evoked wonderful memories but they also wanted some of head flipping laughter. Whilst we had plenty of nominations throughout the day I think the mantle of chief head flipper would have to be awarded to Sarah herself. Not only did she evoke such actions from folk she spent time with but she also displayed great technique when it came to ensuring laughter was given its full workout for the day.

Speeches punctuated some fine dining and were aplenty but they were from such a wide variety of contributors that it worked well and acted as a wonderful evenings entertainment. A broad church of content ranged from a childhood story of spongy balls and bosoms (not easily forgotten) to some heart felt and sincere offerings from Sarah & Michael’s kids who are obviously and quite understandably delighted that their respective parent has found a cracking partner for life. As I took my leave the party was headed underground to Waldos where I suspect more head flipping and guffaws of laughter could be heard deep into the night. All in all a mighty fine day in the company of some wonderful people at the perfect venue.

Thanks to Lydia and her team at Cliveden for making it such a pleasurable and enjoyable experience on the hospitality side of things and thanks to Sarah & Michael for putting smiles on faces. Long may it continue!

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