Chelsea Wedding - John & Kat

Chelsea always holds a special appeal for me as I used to live there. I've always loved the fact that it has a little swagger about it without having to shout from the rooftops. More suggest than show , nothing to prove, and just going about its daily life the right way.

As residents of Chelsea, John & Kat mirror these characteristics perfectly and it was a delight to spend the day with them and their families as they not only celebrated getting wed, but also the coming together of their nearest and dearest from all points of the globe in the wonderful city that London is.

It is not often I get asked to shoot a 'wake up' shot so I was delighted to start coverage early doors and capture the beginnings of John & Kat's big day from the off. Once up and about their hotel suite grew into the meet and greet spot for their families as everyone got ready together before heading out to get wed.

As we had families from two continents in attendance, and with London enjoying sunshine the best and only way to to travel was by open top bus to allow all to take it the sights en route to Chelsea Town Hall for our ceremony.

Once done, we were back on the bus for a photo stop at St Jame's park before arriving at our final destination for the day, the sumptuous RAC club in Pall Mall for drinks and dinner before I took my leave. On my home it struck me what a privilege it had been to have been trusted to capture such an important and unique day in these families lives. I had watched throughout the day how the language barriers had been broken down by love support and warmth shown to John and Kat and it was a perfect illustration of all that is good is this mad and crazy world we live in.

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