Chelsea Wedding

March 29, 2018

chelsea wedding

Chelsea Wedding – Mary & John

A Chelsea Wedding always puts a spring in my step when one hits the book, but very rarely have I been lucky enough to shoot a Chelsea wedding at St Lukes in Sydney Street.  Those that know the area will be familiar with the impressive building thats stands proud amongst the mews houses and side streets just off the Kings Road, and thats where the first part of Mary and John’s nuptial celebrations were held. Thanks be to vicar Emma who allowed me the not easily granted access to the gallery to facilitate some photo capture. As you can see from the images I would suggest my position was maybe dress circle. Post ceremony, the gardens of St Luke’s played host to Jazz and jollities before the aforementioned Jazz band  accepted the challenge of leading Mary & John toward Chelsea Old Town down the middle of the road without the requirement of Johns place of work opposite (hospital) being called into action. Apart from the odd bus beeping and taxi driver bleeting I think we faired pretty well. Everyone arrived at Chelsea Town Hall in good shape with smiles on their faces ready to partake in the festivities, and the bystanders managed to grab a few iphone snaps of an impromptu London march/wander/dance/parade.

When I met with Mary & John a few week prior to the big day, it was lovely to see how excited they were about their upcoming events, and coupled with their widest smiles on the day, it just goes to show what a privilege it is to witness folk in their finest and most intimate moments, and none more so than the wonderfully funny, heartfelt and tear jerking speeches which played out in front of us. Even a few of the burly buffy chaps seemed to have a moistening around the eyes I think before the ushers got ushering and we were able to send then into half time break down a tunnel of love and good wishes.

After our very own private garden photo shoot (courtesy of Mary & John’s friends) we had a brief hiatus in proceedings to freshen up the look for a ‘Midsummer Nights Dream Theme’ (try saying that after a tipple or two) back at Chelsea Town Hall.  In keeping with the evenings feel I witnessed my very first live ‘Sonnet Off’ between a husband and wife combo of the Bard variety who set the tone for a delightful evening. As speeches had been taken earlier in the day, nerves were now diminished and dinner could be enjoyed for the feast that it was and as I took my leave our very own Romeo & Juliet were still beaming from ear to ear, and quite rightly so. A lovely day with a wonderful couple.


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