Chelsea Wedding Photography

chelsea wedding photography

Chelsea Wedding Photography – Miss Bush Bridal

Any Chelsea wedding photography commission gets a tick in my book, and none more so that Mary and John’s rather wonderful affair recently. Full details, images and my account of the day can be seen just here but for those that like an ‘insiders’ viewpoint you can read what Mary has to offer on her day on the Miss Bush Bridal website. I think its something we do not hear enough of (the brides point of view) after the event. Ok, those that are nearest and dearest to any bride will hear all the highs and lows that emanate from such a special day in the immediate aftermath, but I think its nice to be privy to any titbits of advice or nuggets of wisdom that will inevitably help others going forward. And when its and independent view from a bride that knows little of noting about your own persuasions for your own day then that is pretty much invaluable I would imagine. The very smart cookies over at Miss Bush Bridal do just that. Based around her choice of wedding gown all you soon to be brides can experience Mart & John’s lovely Chelsea wedding yourself by popping over the bush just here.

The wedding itself was held at the spectacular St Lukes’ church on Sidney Street before we all hot-footed it dodging (and eventually stopping) the traffic towards Chelsea Old Town Hall on the Kings Road. Throw in a Jazz band to offer some audible (and visual)¬†distraction and I would imagine you get the feel of the day. I received a wonderful note of thanks from Mary & John which will be treasured and remain private but suffice to say it was a joy to shoot another Chelsea wedding for such a delightful couple.

chelsea wedding photography