Carlton House Terrace Wedding

carlton house terrace wedding

Carlton House Terrace Wedding – Kirstyn & Tony

Technically this was Kirstyn & Tony’s St Columba’s Church of Scotland & Carlton House Terrace Wedding but thats way too long a description so we will settle with the abbreviated version me thinks. Thats being said though, it is by no way meant to diminish the importance of St Columba’s in the equation here as the church played host to Kirstyn’s parents wedding in 1980 so it was very much high on the agenda when it came to locations of choice for the big day. And whilst we are on the subject of St Columba’s, thanks ¬†must go to Revd Angus for allowing me to shoot through the ceremony, much appreciated.

On arrival at Carlton House Terrace we had rain, then sun, then rain, then ‘sunrain’. I think you would describe is as changeable, but more importantly the sun won through on that particular battle so Kirstyn & Tony were able to make use of the fab gardens opposite the house to hosts the champers reception post the ‘sunrain’ photo session. With Tony being a Chess master by trade it would be way too easy to fall into the trap of littering my blurb with chess references so I will resist and instead focus of the King & Queen for the day, Kirstyn & Tony. Tony was wearing black and Kirstyn was wearing white. I’m not sure who made the first move (ok, I’ll stop now) but either way this rather fine couple found themselves on top table sitting side by side as man and wife. We learnt that Ski-ing may not be Tony’s profession going forward, and we learnt that Kirstyn’s list making is reaching legendary status. We also learned that behind the mantle of ‘Tony’ is a rather fabulous three barrelled Italian name which Kirstyn did very well to pronounce during the ceremony. More importantly though we learned that these two fit. They gel. They work. They match and they are now just one. And that’s all that counts.

Thanks to all the staff at Carlton House Terrace for keeping us fed and watered and in the loop with proceedings.