Botleys Wedding

May 1, 2018

botleys wedding

Botleys Wedding – Amy & Daniel

And a very sunny and hot Botleys Wedding at that! Amy & Daniel have certainly earned their ‘we had good weather on our wedding day’ stripes. Starting off with the lovely (and very chilled) Amy and her girls I soon found out we had an infiltrator in our midst in the form of best woman Stacy. With a foot in both camps, Stacy enjoyed the girls getting ready at one end of the corridor before switching allegiance and heading to the other end to join Daniel and the boys for their prep, which saw wing man Owen doing the ironing. So lets gets this straight, I’ve been here less than an hour and I’ve not only got a best women but I’ve got a man doing the ironing! The world has gone mad I tell you. Next thing you’ll be telling me we had grown men crying…

Amy’s Dad waited patiently at the bottom of the stairs, pacing up and down in anticipation of seeing his daughter resplendent in her wedding gown for the first time safe in the knowledge he had told himself to hold strong. Keep those tears away whatever happens. Luckily Amy had brought her Father a rather swish handkerchief as a present so without any hesitation that was put to immediate use as they both gathered themselves before walking down the aisle. It’s ok though Daniel is a big strapping beardy guy, surely he’ll help to retain some order to the proceedings…

As is always the case when shooting the ceremony I tend to stand in a spot where I can get a clean line of sight into Bride and consequently you tend to get a restricted view of your Groom’s face, however you are always keeping one eye for his reactions and emotions too. As Amy arrived at the top of aisle looking skyward to try and drain those misty eyes I noticed our Daniel wiping his eyes. He had gone as well! Prove if ever it was needed that real men can cry.

Mighty fine couple these two and bloody good together too. Amy sparkles and fizzes when Daniel is around and he looks at Amy as only a husband can look at his wife. Ok, so we had some non conventional activity with Owen doing the ironing , but we can forgive that, it was all for a greater good and amen to that.

“These photos are amazing”



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