Bodleian Library Wedding

December 21, 2015

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Bodleian Library Wedding – Sarah & Alec

I would imagine that very few, if any, who have had a Bodleian Library Wedding can say that they arrived at their wedding by bicycle. However, Alec being the sports mad chap that he is did just that. And when you think about it, why not? You live local and Oxford can be hellish to park in so why not just tootle down town in your velvet tux, lock up the bike, have a couple of liveners in the local and then wait patiently for your girl. This is simplicity at its best me thinks. Sarah herself decided on an even simpler approach though. Just walk across the road with your Dad and team of bridesmaids alongside and thats that. No chance of any Chrimbo traffic holding up this little party.

When I say ‘little party’, it got bigger don’t worry. Once the speeches had been delivered and dinner had been taken there was ample time for a bit of boogie-ing and woogie-ing (are they words?) and as soon as the masks made their appearance the dancing could get crazier because unless you remembered what each guest was wearing you had no idea who was cutting which shapes. Talking of cutting, and as per the age old tradition a wedding involves a cake cutting. Simple! Cut the cake, smile and wave, then move on to the dance floor right? Well that tends to be the usual running order anyway, unless of course the aforementioned cake decides to take a dive of the table post cut. I’m not sure who was responsible (either Sarah or Alec though obviously) but as soon as the cake was carved the top half took a fall say we say and landed crest fallen on the floor. It mattered not in all honesty, it looked like a fairly robust offering so unless you had witnessed it I doubt you would have known, and by the time it reaches plate and mouth time, who cares.

All mighty fine fun though and all pulled together by the rather capable hands of Isobel Weddings and in particular Becky who ensured Sarah and Alec had their cake and ate it for their wedding day.

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