Blenheim Palace Weddings

blenheim palace weddings

Blenheim Palace Weddings – Janey & Tim

There is sometimes a risk with Blenheim Palace weddings that the backdrop of the venue and its inherent history can overshadow the bride and groom. There is absolutely NO way this could happen with Janey & Tim. I have been lucky enough to shoot weddings in some really wonderful places and I can assure you that these two ‘fitted’ Blenheim. Their smiles and laughter and general energy for their guests as well as each other filled the Great Hall and had it bursting out of the seams. Yes, it was raining (at Blenheim) but who cares, we had an abundance of friends and family to hug, laugh and cry with. These guys epitomised what a wedding should be about. Bloody good fun!

We started the day in nearby Oxford at their respective pre wedding hotels (and pub), before heading up the road to The Oxford Oratory for the formal part of the proceedings. Once done the confetti marked the exodus of ex-pats to the Palace. Although by now the rain had also thumbed a lift it mattered not, there was too much catching up to do to worry about the wet stuff. The only mention the rain got was when we were heading out across the courtyard to the Great Hall and Janey remarked it makes you “run like you need a wee!’ LOL

Once in the Great Hall we had the small matter of a traditional Korean ceremony to witness. This involves some drinking of wine (Yay!) for both bride and groom and parents before the offering of some sage advice from the aforementioned Mothers & Fathers. Chestnuts (I think) are then thrown towards Janey & Tim by Mum & Dad to signify how many children will be forthcoming in their relationship. This is all sealed with not just a kiss but more importantly Tim has to give Janey a piggy back around the ‘offerings’ table. There is quite a wonderful simplicity about it I thought. Drink with your elders, take advice to them, be blessed by them and then run off into married life together. This particular married life will be just dandy me thinks.

Party time was post dinner, speeches and brandy and I suspect that Blenheim witnessed one of its finest evenings. As I took my leave the dancing was becoming wilder and the mens ties were being lowered. There was some serious boogie-woogie to be had.

For those of you lucky enough to be getting married at Blenheim Palace you can see another rather mad and wonderful wedding I shot there just here.

“I am literally obsessed with these photos, thank you soooo much”