Blenheim Palace Wedding – Amrita & Kasper

October 9, 2014



That’s not a Blenheim Palace Wedding I hear you cry! And you would be correct for the first part of the day as we started out some 40 miles North in a Sikh Temple in Leamington Spa, however after the formalities (and turbans) were tied up there we all headed down to Winstons (Churchill) old place for the reception and party time. Traditions and rituals were in abundance as with any ceremony, however I must check on the validity of having your socks cut off ! Kasper and Amrita were in the midst of their first dance when a guerrilla  sock cutting gang appeared on the scence, hoisted Kasper on to their shoulders, removed his shoes and chopped off his socks! I presume it is either a long held Danish tradition or something to do with the fact that when Kasper was in his formative years, white socks were a staple in his ( and his pals) wardrobe as the epitome of cool!

Either way, it was one of many fun and well received traditions that ran throughout the day including all the guys kissing Amrita and all the girls kissing Kasper. Kissing above and below the table (bride and groom only please) on the instruction of anyone who cared to tinkle their wine glass and some Bollywood style dancing kept all involved & included even though I think there is more to it than just shaking your hands in the air! Having said that though, I wouldn’t have a clue, it just looked fun and that’s all that matters in my opinion.





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