Berkeley London Wedding

berkeley london wedding

Berkeley London Wedding – Victoria & Simon

Victoria & Simon booked their Berkeley London Wedding largely because The Berkeley Hotel sits in such a central location. Its easy for everyone to get to, and when you arrive there you can also appreciate that they may well have been lured by the appeal of this swish abode. Simon (as any man should) started his day just across the road at The Wilton Arms whilst Victoria and her Mum and pals enjoyed the bridal preps in their suite with a glass of something cold and bubbly.

Simon didn’t seem particularly nervous, in fact I think his best men were more on edge than he was. Either that or the groom preps the day before were taking their toll. Either way, it mattered not, there was a wedding to be held and a party to be had so once the formalities and photos were done, it was time to sit back and enjoy the rest of the day. By the way, talking of enjoying the day, the staff at The Berkeley made it an absolute pleasure to work there let alone be a guest there so huge thanks are angled towards Amanda and her team for ensuring all the support staff were fed and watered handsomely.

Victoria looked serene throughout, even remained so when a certain pesky photographer requested that we venture outside to grab some shots (not that sort, those came later) and whilst conditions could be termed as blustery the veil stayed in place (just) and the new Mr & Mrs  continued to be warm and cosy courtesy of the fires that sit either side of the entrance. And those fires were still burning brightly when we popped outside later in the evening for some sparkler action.

In between times, we had some mighty fine speeches (Simon’s had been penned that very morning on the back of the ‘do not disturb’ sign from his hotel) which saw jagermeister shots for all followed by some boogie woogie on the floor to kick party time into action.

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