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June 17, 2015



Beacon House Weddings – Joanne & David (Maddie, Tilly & Evan)

Having the pleasure of knowing this family for a fair while, I am fortunate to be privy to how they roll. At either end of the family tree you have a strong male influence in the form of David and Evan, whilst in the middle you have the fizzing females, Joanne, Maddie & Tilly. It was no surprise to learn that for their wedding it would be a family affair. Small, intimate, and by the sea surrounded by those closest and held dearest. After being glued to just the five different weather apps available for the preceding week, Joanne & David needn’t have worried as Whistable put on some sunshine and warmth to enable them to enjoy the rather delightful Beacon House to the full. A fridge full of bubbles and a gathering full of smiles along with some local fish & chips were in order before we descended onto the beach for some photos.

As with nearly all the best photos, you cannot pose them. You can try for sure, but essentially, as a photographer, you are always waiting for moments to capture that will stand long in the memory of those involved. Whilst Joanne & David were doing their best Posh & Becks impersonations aside the tide, my two little helpers (Maddie & Tilly) were on hand to join the party and add some sparkle. Evan was around, but he is a boy, and given the choice of having your photo taken or exploring the beach I had to concede I was second choice and who can blame him.

I’ve never been one for talking (or writing) when you don’t need to, and I do doff my cap to your visual intelligence, so rather than ramble on, I think its best to say these are the pictures, I hope I have done you proud and I concur with the sign in the Beacon House: “May the world be your Oyster”

Jo & David can be seen featured in The Times newspaper just here:



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