Award Winning Wedding Photography

award winning wedding photography

Award Winning Wedding Photography

It would appear that pretty much all wedding photographers profess to provide award winning wedding photography and to a certain extent I can understand using this claim. The quality of the actual competition though should always hold some influence over the authenticity of the claim. The ISPWP (International Society Of Professional Wedding Photographers) is a global organisation that employs vetting on standards and capability prior to membership approval so you can safely assume that they know their onions. I’ve been a member for around 10 years now and I am pleased to say that I have picked up over 25 awards over that time. Sometimes I mention it by virtue of a blog post or an IG post but mostly it just gets acknowledged by my two daughters with a “Well done Dad, can I have the ipad now please?” in the in the domain that we call our home.

This image though I thought I would highlight. Not because of the need for using the award winning wedding photography mantle but more concisely because of the image in question (above). Wedding details was the category and I submitted it because I have long professed that the best wedding details images are those that are ‘as found’ on the day. Many wedding photographers and videographers will obsess about your wedding details on your day and create pretty arrangements of your Jimmy Choo’s with you Chanel No5 bottle sticking out of the top, or quite often spend way too much time shooting your empty room set up and the napkins etc. I even encountered a florist at a very recent wedding who was so intent on shooting drivel for her IG feed on her phone that she refused to clear the way for the video dude who is actually working for the couple who have paid the florist to be flowery first and foremost. How very dare he? I’m also very much in the camp of its how you wear your dress and not how it look when it hangs.


The ‘demand’ for this emanates from bridal magazines and blogs who LOVE details. Its gives them ideas to feature and it gives them something to talk about other than you and your partner. It is also become an ‘expected’ from wedding planners and I understand that. As with all things though, balance should be employed. We are supposed to be about the client and not the cute pictures of the caviar after all.

So why write about it then Jez? Well, simply to illustrate that wedding details ‘as found’ or ‘in-situ’ have more relevance to the client (you) because they form part of the story. Here, our bride is getting ready having her make up done and I noticed the huge sparkler on her left hand catching the window light beautifully. Now, I could have spent an hour moving, arranging and art directing this little (ok not so little) diamond and I doubt I would have been able to capture an image that has more connection to the bride (the client) than this one. I didn’t have to disturb her or request anything of her. I took two frames and carried on shooting her and her friends getting ready for her wedding. Because that is what she has paid me to do.