Anne-Kristin & Alex – Get Married in Norway

July 14, 2010

On Anne-Kristin’s home farm to be precise, and what a place to have grown up and what a perfect venue for your wedding. Log Cabins for your guests to stay in, loads of space, an outside dance floor ( built by your Dad) and no music restrictions on the Glitter Boys from Sweden because there are no neighbours! Suffiuce to say, the party went on till it got  light (it didn’t really get dark!)  fuelled by Vodka and Cognac mostly, thus enabling their guests to show some dance moves that will live with me forever.

There is a rather touching moment sequenced below, whereby one of the guests goes to kiss the beautiful Anne-Kristin under her veil, only to find that Alex was donning the veil! Priceless.

Anyway, Great country Norway, fantastic people, warm friendly and full of life and boy do they like their cakes!! Thank you to all who helped to make it such a great wedding to shoot. It was a pleasure to be there.

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