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Wedding venues in London tend to reflect London itself, and by that I mean the people that live here. We have all sorts from all walks of life and across all faiths getting married. No matter what your journey is that has brought you to London, rest assured, when it comes to choosing a decent venue for your wedding, you will be able to find one that matches your personality and style choice. Amongst other things, I think that is part of London’s main attractions, its ability to welcome all-comers to its stage. When searching for wedding venues London on good old Google you will be hit but a wall of choice. Big, small, posh, not so posh, inside, outside, up a tree, down a hole, all sorts of wedding venues will pop out at you.

I have been lucky enough to photograph weddings at a fair amount of London venues and whilst I admit it very nice to be able to make the most of the splendour of some of the worlds finest hotels, it is also rather cool to get to shoot in a converted warehouse or upstairs at some funky Soho pub or a private members club in Mayfair.

Some of you reading this may also have noticed that I am more about the people than the wedding venue so whilst blogs and magazines will offer endless debate on which place is best for this or that, in my experience the best venue for any London wedding is the one where you will be surrounded by your kin folk. The people that make you, the people that know you and the people that will be there to celebrate with you in your finest hour. If that place happens to serve the best dam cocktails in town, that helps, but most Wedding venues in London know their clientele so I would say just go where you feel comfortable, somewhere you would spend time anyway as a matter of course, whether it be for afternoon tea or a nightcap.

If you have landed here looking for my wedding photography, then thats just here. And if you fancy checking out plenty of other London suppliers take a look at this excellent directory.

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