wedding photographers style

Wedding Photographers Style

I placed this at the bottom of a ‘regular’ page as a link because whilst I hope it will be of interest and relevant to some, I do not wish to turn into Mr Yeh Yeh Yada Yada when it comes to the finer points of a wedding photographers style.

The simple truth is that when looking for a wedding photographer your choice is validated as correct if you have simply opted for the photographer whose images you love the most. What ‘style’ they profess to have is in truth more likely to be a reference to their manner of shooting rather than the style of their images. The look of their work is what will first attract your eye and the decision to commission them is backed up by their approach to shooting.  I pretty much leave you alone whilst I do my thing and you guys concentrate on enjoying the biggest party you will ever throw.

Observe the scene, compose the image in my mind, frame it and then wait for the moment. And then repeat. A pure documentary approach based on the ethos of good storytelling.

The shots of the two of you requires a tad more interaction between us but the primary focus here is to get you guys at your best. I know what I wish to create and what signals I am looking for from you so all you guys have to do is chill out and enjoy yourselves. All Day!

Different approaches mixed together under the guise of simply being a photographer. A good photographer. Get one of those and you will be fine and dandy.  You want the best. Book the best. Look at Kate Moss. Did she ask Mario to shoot her wedding in a documentary style? I doubt it. He is one of the worlds best fashion photographers but my guess would be she requested “can you take some photos at my wedding darling?” or something along those lines. She loves his work and the way he goes about and she appreciates he is a bloody good photographer so I would suspect she loved what he shot for her. So take a leaf out of Kate’s book. Book the wedding photographer you like. Period.

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