Wedding Photographers Savoy Hotel

wedding photographers savoy hotel

Wedding Photographers Savoy Hotel

Being one of a fortunate few recommended wedding photographers at The Savoy Hotel, you do get why it was such a firm favourite with the likes of Sinatra, Churchill and Chaplin. This place is Art Deco elegance in the extreme and you know you are experiencing something different as soon as you wander down the only road in the UK you are allowed to drive on the right (oh I know lots of useless information me) to the grand entrance.

One of my favourite aspects of weddings at The Savoy  is that if you are mighty lucky you get the chance to shoot some photos in The Beaufort Bar which is one of London’s finest cocktail bars. Used for many a photo shoot commercially it really gives you a sense that you are somewhere special. You could spend a week in there given the time, budget and liver capacity! However, even though as I don’t have any of the aforementioned traits, I am lucky enough to get to shot some wedding photographs in there and that is always a blessing well received.

Bruce and his team will be the ones to seek out when getting married at The Savoy, and finer hands you couldn’t wish for. They carry The Savoy ethos right through to every tick and tock of your wedding day. Fine company too, assured, confident and boy do they know their onions when it comes to your wedding day arrangements.

Having photographed a few weddings at The Savoy Hotel, it would be a tad tiresome if I went through them one by one so please do pop over here to see a selection of Savoy weddings, pick your favourite and take a look through. As the hotel has a fair selection of function rooms, you will see small weddings, large weddings and ones in between.

Individually the weddings can be seen by clicking one of the below:

Faye & John opted for a small intimate family affair followed by a bonzer party here

Daryna & Michael got married in The Queens Chapel first before some exquisite dining here

Camille & Bernard chose small and close with family from afar before popping upstairs to see Gordon Ramsay here

Ciara & Adam sported some Gondolier style for their Savoy wedding ceremony here

Hayley & Bradley added a touch of glitz and glamour with a black tie wedding here

Eleanor & Benjamin had a ball! Literally blitzed the ballroom and back again just here