As a wedding photographer, you do tend to receive lots of nice plaudits and thanks from clients. Its stands to reason when you think about it. You are in the photos and they allow you to re-live the best day of your life, so rather than bore you with a long list of chuffed clients I thought I would share this with you as I think it sums things up nicely.

“Mastery of the camera is a rare skill, but its his mastery that sets him apart from others in his profession. There is no space for ego in the portrayal of reality through the lens of a camera.

His talent is to float through the action, always seeing, never intruding, He is everywhere and nowhere.

We met Jez a few weeks before our wedding to talk through plans and gets some pictures done. Amidst all the hard work it was a wonderful excuse to spend some time focussed on each other.

To see our love shine through in Jez’s photos was a happy reminder of what the big day was all about and a hint that we had found a magician.

We saw our photos on our return from honeymoon. I think no couple dares to hope for more than one great pic to treasure. We have dozens. Jez caught moments that we knew at the time were special, but also those we didn’t ~ either becuase we were too wrapped up in our own emotions or simply because his tireless professionalism had taken him places we could not see.

Jez Dickson is a great photographer and a great man, who lives through his work and whose work affirms life”

Mr & Mrs Munghall ~ London

So that’s the ‘biggin me up’ part of the website ticked off. The pat on the back and the ego booster. When I get asked what the key is to ensuring you get fabulous wedding photographs I always offer the same advice. The most fundamental element to having decent wedding photography from your perspective is to just concentrate on enjoying your day and as long as you have been smart enough to book a decent wedding photographer they will be capable enough to give you fantastic wedding photographs. Like me, its very simple!

Should you be interested in some of my other photography, you can see that just here.

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