photography course london

Photography Course London

Photography course and private tuition in London available on a one-to-one or small group (2-3) basis.

From beginner to advanced level.

The sessions are targeted to your specific photography needs, so whatever subject you would like to improve is the one we will focus on.

Free initial chat to establish your goals.

Courses/sessions start at just £125 per person and are available from half-day tuition through to one year mentorship program and feature both practical hands on learning alongside regular Skype sessions.

As with a lot of good things in this world it starts with a cup of tea and a chat and then we take it from there. Most folk seem to like the informal nature of being able to discuss what they want from their photography and we go from there really. It sounds ‘loose’ in its structure, and that is intentional because by adopting this approach we can ensure your goals are targeted.

I haven’t included a list of camera features or technicals that we may or may not look at because I firmly believe that given the chance, opportunity and know-how, you can take a decent photograph with whatever means you choose, whether that be your trusty point and shoot, your phone or your sooper dooper mega pixel DSLR camera woofer! Its not about the camera, but the photographer and your ‘eye’.

The sessions are designed around you as a photographer whatever camera you turn up with. Whilst photography is how I choose to make a living, it is also a hobby, and hobbies are supposed to be enjoyable, so bring with you an open mind, a smiley face and a willingness to improve.

Some homework is included although detention is strictly off limits ( I did too much of that at school thanks).

Sessions include more tea and biscuits that you can point your camera at!

Be good to hear from you.


Without wishing to sound like Pizza Express, vouchers are available should you be thinking this is a mighty fine gift idea!


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