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When looking for your London wedding photographer online, you will more than likely be hit by a snowstorm of offerings from folk declaring their passion for the art of wedding photography. Now that’s all fine and dandy but I do feel your pain having to read the same stuff over and over again. I consider myself lucky to be able to take photographs for a living for sure, but I promise you that’s as far as I will go with that particular approach.

If I can be so bold as to ask you to think of a photograph that is memorable to you; It could be a Testino off a Vogue cover or something as simple as the latest post you viewed on Instagram. It could even be one from your childhood that sat on top of the TV. The chances are, it might include or involve your partner who you are soon to exchange your nuptials with. More concisely though I would hazard a guess that it will feature people or one person at least. And that’s what weddings are all about, the people. You can be in the best, plushest and swankiest joint in town, but if you are not surrounded by your nearest and dearest, it counts for very little.

All of the photos in the slideshow that played above featured people enjoying either their own wedding day, or as a guest at one of their closest pal’s wedding day. Photos that have captured moments they wish to remember over and over because they make them feel good when they look at them. You guys will not have the same feelings as they do obviously. So you can adopt a more critical eye when viewing the work of wedding photographers. However, if you think or have noticed that some of the photographs do indeed evoke an emotion when you look at them, then I am on the right track and I’m still in the running to be your wedding photographer in London, this could be worth hitting the contact form on this one!

Joking aside, if you like what you have seen and it ticks your box then it would be great to hear from you.

Thank you.

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