Winter Wedding

August 16, 2017

winter wedding

Winter Wedding – Nicola & Phil

A Christmas Wedding was top of Nicola & Phil’s Santa list this year and the man in red with the fluffy white beard produced a fab day for them and their family just 4 days prior to the ‘all you can eat’ fest that is know as Christmas Day. Accompanied by their beautiful daughters this fabulous couple brought a close to a few tough years by looking forward to life as a newly wed family. There was a real sense of warmth and goodwill in evidence and whilst I appreciate that may well be the mulled wine, I think it was more to do with her well regarded and loved these guys are by their nearest and dearest. The vicar was a bit of a donkey though! (please see below). Joking aside, Lee the vicar produced a fabulous ceremony for Nicola & Phil showing that when men (and women) of the cloth show a softer and more humorous side they are a mighty fine advert for those thinking of having a church wedding. I think everyone is attendance would probably say they were pleasantly surprised by how inclusive and personal a ceremony it was.

A sharp suit, a beautiful girl on his arm and a chauffeur driven Aston Martin DB5! Phil must have felt like 007 himself as they left church for the reception and party. I didn’t see any Bond Villains in attendance but we certainly had a fair compliment of the requirements should we have decided to make the sequel to Spectre there and then. I was only with these guys for a shortish period of time but in just one afternoon it was easy to see how tight they are as a family unit and how much love is pointed in their direction from those they know. A lovely way to end another year of shooting.

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