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April 7, 2017

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Wedding Planning Advice – Harpers Style

Wedding planning advice and rules. As it says on the tin, and from the authority that is Harper Bazzar just this week. Harpers have spoken to and canvassed opinion from some of the wedding industry leading lights to gain an insight into their top ten wedding planning rules. The article can be read just here.

There is some good little nuggets (as well as photos) in there, so well worth check it out in you have a moment. I have worked with and still do work with some of the best wedding planners in the industry and I can fully appreciate, and have witnessed at first hand, their value. There seems to be more and more appearing almost daily, especially brides that have ‘planned’ their own wedding and think it can be a nice little money spinner to do it for others. Its very similar to photography in that respect with regard to those that get friends to shoot their wedding photos etc. I’ve seen both sides of the experience and please trust me when I say that the real planners, the one worth their salt, have worked in the events and hospitality fields for years and they have a breadth and wealth of knowledge that can prove invaluable for your wedding day. In the same way as pressing the button on a camera does not constitute someone being a professional photographer, a mere click of a wedding directory does not transform folk into experts in the planning arena. Any fool can do that.

I would add by way of a footnote, that whilst one of my images is featured in the article, which prompted me to publish this post, it does highlight an issue that is becoming more apparent with weddings so please choose wisely, it is your wedding day after all.



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