Trafalgar Tavern Wedding

August 15, 2017

trafalgar tavern wedding

Trafalgar Tavern Wedding – Shano & Greg

Although it offers Trafalgar Tavern Wedding as the heading, this was part three of Shano & Greg’s wedding ‘do’s’ over one long weekend which culminated in the Thames-side celebration on Monday evening. Now, you would be forgiven for thinking that a Monday evening wedding was a tough sell maybe. Especially after you and your guests have already partied hard on the Friday & Saturday. Let me tell you fine folk who read this. The ingredients required to ensure Monday weddings are the new black are as follows. One large sprinkling of Indian love and wisdom. One big shake of Filipino energy mixed with the sound of laughter and a guest list with an adoration and appreciation of a wonderful couple of human beings. Mix together slowly for 48 hours not forgetting to add one Canadian per hour. Allow to settle and breathe for 24 hours before removing the foil to reveal a concoction of fun, love laughter and all things thereafter. In abundance.

On the Friday, we had dancing all night and on the Monday we had speeches all night ( Ok, until I left at 11pm after which I suspect the party went boom boom) but both were perfect for each respective occasion. Saturday was more formal in that its the ceremonial part but equally colourful and joyus. (Wing buddy Chris shot Saturday so please attribute credit to his good self for the Saturday images). When I say speeches all night by the way, that not strictly true. We had some impromptu singing from different tables in different languages but all with the same keyword of love being the feature throughout. And that last line sort of sums up the whole celebratory weekend really. Shano & Greg are such life lovers that they attract a global audience in the friends department and they along with much travelled family all made the trek to South London one Monday evening in August and make it go pop. Good for them. All of them. And safe travels to all.

P.S If any guys are thinking of how to ensure when you pop the question to your intended the answer is yes, just drop him a line and he will advise accordingly. Spectacular packages are available on request!

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