Talbooth Hotel Wedding

August 2, 2017

talbooth hotel wedding

Talbooth Hotel Wedding – Emma & Matt

When you get a Talbooth Hotel wedding in the diary, you always secretly hope you will get fed. Usually I never ask for food at weddings, for all sorts of reasons really, but primarily because of the cost (to you) and the logistics etc. On top of that I have this continual state in my mind that I am on a diet, so I go to weddings with enough nuts and dried fruit to keep the cast of Jungle Book happy. This changes however when the Talbooth is on the menu. Having eaten there a few times, I can well see why it is was first choice for Emma & Matt. Not only do you have the foodie aspect, you also have a brillo party house with its own pool at the bottom of the ‘garden’ to enjoy with your cocktails. The only other ingredient required is some sunshine! Errrr, ok, moving on! As it turned out, by the time cocktails were flowing we did indeed have an appearance from the yellow smiley guy in the sky so Emma & Matt could channel their Ibiza vibe with some authenticity.

Emma & Matt both work in the music industry so it was imperative we had a full dance floor to enjoy their choons of choice. Thanks to Mr DJ from Dreamwave (Speak to Dave) who kept the beat going in sync with the boogiemeisters, I thinks its fair to say we had a party. Some more than others admittedly, but apart from smiles and sparklers we saw out the rest of a wonderful day on the dance floor. Amongst all the fun and frolics experienced though, my favourite moment was in fact earlier in the day. Just prior to Michael (Emma’s Father) & Emma walking down the aisle, he gave her a look, a look that only a Father can give his daughter and a look that will remain with her forever. No words needed, the picture is below.

Thanks in bundles to Mary from the Maison and MOH Holly for their help and unrivalled organisational skills!

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