Spa Hotel Wedding

July 2, 2017

spa hotel wedding

Spa Hotel Wedding – Allishia & Minesh

Its not often at a wedding (or in life in general really) that you encounter someone you’ve never met before introducing themselves wearing just their underpants and a smile but that was the case as I knocked on the door of the room where Allishia was getting ready. Such was the belter of the day we had temperature wise, Allishia’s Dad Richard had decided to get ready enjoying the benefits of the cool air con that was gracing his beautiful daughters room. So whilst there is some bridal prep action going on we also had some action shots of Allishia dressing her Dad. It comes to us all! LOL Life goes it cycles etc etc. Jokes aside, and as a Father to daughters myself, it was lovely to see these two bumbling along prior to one of their biggest moments in their respective lives. And whilst we are on the subject of Fathers & daughters I had another Dad & Daughter dance Yay! Its coming back folks, I can feel it.

Nice little spot for your wedding this. Nestled right in the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells, but with green lands, fresh air  and expansive views aplenty too. And talking of fresh air, we were treated to an alfresco wedding that had actually been planned for being outside on a bank holiday AND it happened. Whats that all about? Decent weather on both a bank holiday and for an outside ceremony. Allishia & Minesh must have been jolly good somewhere along the way to get that particular golden ticket. At one point I think someone said it was hotter than Dubai! No need to go there then! Oh, wait a minute. LOL! Rest assured Allishia & Minesh, I’m only joshing with you. As I write this it is definitely not hotter than Dubai and it it also bouncing off the streets outside so its fair to say that you’ve probably made the right decision with your choice of residence for the week. Enjoy!



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