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April 30, 2018

london wedding photographers

London Wedding Photographers – Clare & James

As soon as I turned up to capture Clare getting ready I knew that this particular London Wedding Photographers day was going be mighty fine one thank you. Calm on the outside but probably a tad nervous inside, the simple but reliable arrangement of her Mother, her sister and her niece was all that was needed to ensure Clare had the time, space and mood to prepare for her and James’s big day. With cameo appearances from her brother and then her Dad during ‘prep’ you certainly were left in doubt how highly family featured on the agenda for these two. James had just the previous week moved back to blighty from the U.S so there was maybe an element of welcoming home our racing driving hero to the family fold also, but suffice to say its lovely to witness. And he seems like a jolly decent guy as well!

I often wonder whether having previously being used to a long distance relationship whether it is actually a bit of a shock to the system when you get to spend each and every day with your new partner. There must be some adjustments and allowances made I suspect but given that these two had amassed some 25, 000 text messages between each other during the preceding 12 months they will probably just enjoying being able to chat rather than tap.  (For the younger readers of this a Chat is what folk engage in when then are not tapping on their phones. Weird I know!)

The speeches featured a medal winning performance from best man Kieron which saw James awarded a vast array of bling (created by Clare’s sister Lee) to don for the rest of the day proud in the knowledge that his biggest badge of honour will actually be the fact he is now husband to a rather wonderful wife.

Thanks be to Jane & Trish from The Bulls Head who showed that being front of house can be done with a smile and a swagger all whilst having one hand on the wedding controls button.

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