Indian Wedding Extravaganza

August 10, 2017

indian wedding

Indian Wedding Extravaganza – Nisha & Anish

Its not often you get the chance to use the term Indian wedding extravaganza but in this instance I think its employment is well justified. Originally part three of Nisha & Anish’s celebrations ( yes, it should be a tongue twister shouldn’t it!) was supposed to be al fresco but given the inclement weather over the last few weeks, an inside job was the call. And quite right it was too, however these guys don’t need sunshine to celebrate baby, just a splash of Jagermeister maybe, but primarily they have their family and friends and a zest for life that will lift the clouds from any sky.

An early ‘Dohl’ start saw Anish arrive Bentley style accompanied by his fellow early risers who ushered him in to meet his new folks (the in-laws) . Now there’s not many grooms who can dance with delight when they meet their in-laws but Anish has found himself a decent set(courtesy of Nisha) so why not celebrate the fact by drumming out some moves? Upstairs in the slightly quieter, but no less saucy surroundings was Nisha with her girls, busily advising myself and Andy (Video dude) what the must have wedding hashtags to be used for any social media were. You’ll need to check out my IG feed here to see those! Needless to say though, we weren’t talking #dreamybrideandbridesmaid.

Post ceremony and photies we had another ceremony to find the ring. A traditional ritual whereby bride and groom have to locate the wedding ring in the bowl before them without any prior sneak peaks as to its locale (Anish, that means closing your eyes!). Anish won 3 zip and showed how ruthless he can be giving Nisha no chance of triumph at all. He was eyes on the prize, Mr focussed and in no mood to acknowledge the mantra most Grooms live by. A happy wife is a happy life!. No, this boy was not for beating, coming second is first loser folks!

Evening attire was of the black tie and cocktail dress variety with the menu offering some fine speeches, plenty and boogie and banging (of the drums) and a mighty fine dance set from the Ambassadors wedding band. The odd dance-floor tipple of the J drink was in evidence but more importantly the party matched the people. Fun, energetic and a pleasure to be around.

Thanks due to Jools, my fab partner for the day and also a nod of approval in the direction of the Andy & Sam who proved to a mighty fine combo to have alongside on video patrol.



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