High Road House London Wedding

August 17, 2017

high road house london wedding

High Road House London Wedding – Molly & Mike

High Road House was actually ‘part-two’ of Molly & Mikes’s wedding day as we had a brief hiatus in between the earlier ceremony at their church and lunch and the latter party, but as more time was spent at High Road House I figured it best to title it as such. All very local to them as they live pretty much in the middle of all three ‘venues’ right in the heart of  Chiswick. Saying that though, Mike does work in Abu Dhabi so lets just say its local to him when he is a local and in town as it were. Molly has quite an aura about her in all honesty so its quite easy to see why Mike finds his real calling is in Chiswick.

So rain aside, (boo) all was lined up for some winter wedding wonderment. Post church and a small family lunch team MM hit the High Road  (literally) and were joined by 100+ guests from all over the world for party time. Now all good parties need good music and I was delighted to see (and hear) that Molly & Mike had invested in a man and master of music in Mr DJ Bioux Hayes. Not only does he spin some really really funky 45s, he has a personality to match the moment and mood and I think he did Molly and Mike proud. I know its easy to go down the Spotify or itunes route but it really does make a difference when you have a pro on board. We can all play music for sure but you do need to know how to ‘read’ your audience. Its no different from photography in that sense. Everyone can take a photo or shoot a video but please ensure you employ someone who understands the protocol of weddings and the need for some discretion whilst shooting. This was definitely one of those weddings where I could have stayed longer. Just put my cameras down, had a cold one and listened to the tunes whilst watching a rather lovely couple enjoy life to the full. And amen to that!

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