Harrow Wedding

June 14, 2017


Harrow Wedding – Joey & Daniel

When I caught up with Joey and Daniel prior to their Harrow wedding, I was struck by how simple their outlook (about their wedding) was. So much so that I fancy they could well have been perfectly happy just the two of them doing the do with maybe a random passer by as a witness. Now this is not a reflection of, or any aversion to, any family members, friends or indeed humans in general, but more an illustration that these two are one and they are going to be just fine together me thinks.

So, shorter than usual coverage for a Jewish wedding but certainly no less energetic or fun. In fact we had a rather fab and joyus Klezmer band descend on the afternoons proceedings to offer not only a traditional Israeli dance set but also an eastern european ceilidh style set to ensuring that no-one was left with a bum of their seat. This was not for the faint hearted, this was gonna be fun, and you’d better jump on board baby. Quite what moves they were making is anyones guess but it looked like dam good fun whatever you looked at it, and a perfect way to work off the afternoon tea and cakes that guests had been treated to previously.

They say the best way to exit is to leave everyone wanting more and Joey & Daniel did just this perfectly as they zipped off into the London evening and ensuing Sri-Lankan sunshine their guests were still catching their breath and revelling on what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Celebrating in the simplest but equally most stylish way and littered with all sorts of pretty-ness courtesy of the uber talented Gabbriella Shenmtov flower patrol, I think Joey and Daniel got it just about right! Mazeltov!

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