Hampden House Wedding

August 18, 2017

hampden house wedding

Hampden House Wedding – Emma & Rhodri

This was my first Hampden House wedding so it was a mighty fine surprise to find it such a fab place to shoot. A great history, fabbo location and ultra friendly and genuine staff  to boot. Well worth checking out if you are looking for a country house feel to your big day. Emma & Rhodri and their respective families proved to be equally as friendly as we all gathered in the wonderful Great Hall (and its rather fabulous Christmas tree) for a short ceremony that saw Emma being led in by Emma (junior) and brother in law Andrew before Mr Singer took over post ceremony offering tunes in fitting with the mood and the moment.

I have often wondered when I see folks children making speeches at weddings what my two would say about me and my wife. I would imagine some would be nice and some less so dependant on how close it was to their respective birthdays. It’s probably the most honest and insightful account you will ever hear about yourself isn’t it. We are never judged as parents until we get something wrong anyway so maybe it would do the power of good to hear a ‘progress report’ every now and then. Suffice to say though, if my daughters ever did make a speech I would be quite happy were it in line with what Emma’s 2 of 3 (t’other was on video duty) said about her and Rhod. Heartfelt, humorous and honest, just what a good speech should be. Rhod’s best man Mike switched tone a little but ensured that humour was still high on the agenda and was rewarded (as every best man during the Christmas period should be) with a silver sparkling pint sized reindeer for his troubles.

Post dinner was more guests and party time but I took my leave before the boogie-woogie started in earnest so social media channels will be the place to go to view shape cuttings et al. Thanks must go to Alex and her teamies for heping to make it a wonderful afternoons work.

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