30 Pavilion Road London Wedding

September 29, 2016



30 Pavilion Road London Wedding

 Zoe & Samer

A 30 Pavilion Road London wedding. According to google geeks, If you want to work somewhere again, you pop that reference as near to the beginning of your copy as possible, thus ensuring that good old google picks it up when people are searching for it. If you want to work for the clients again, unfortunately the nature of the job determines that its ‘usually’ a one off experience so best enjoy it, because you won’t get the chance again.

Zoe has that rare quality of being able to light up a room. I know its a cliche of sorts to say so, but as I have never used that particular cliche before on here I think I am safe in it usage. And more importantly, its relevant because she does just that. Her smile literally beamed as she sashayed down the aisle to meet Samer and set in place a marriage a long time in the making. London is merely the first leg of their nuptial celebrations as they are headed out to Samer’s hometown ‘hood of Sudan at the end of the year for much jollity and Sudanese hospitality.

Now there must be a reason for Zoe’s beaming smile and happy disposition, aside from the fact that it was her wedding day of course. I am pretty sure a fair amount of the credit must go to Samer himself, for he has a mighty infectious personality, reflected in the fact that his crew of buddies amounts to around 20, and thats just in the UK. Who knows how many kin folk will be waiting to meet and greet the happy couple when they hit Sudan. Hundreds I would suspect. And why not? When people can make you smile, there is little better as a quality of character than that, so whilst I wont get the chance to work for these two again, I am sure that those that do, will be equally rewarded.

I will however hopefully get the chance to shoot a wedding at 30 Pavilion Road again, not least for the fact that aside from it being a rather smart and tidy wedding venue that ticks lots of boxes, General Manager Manish was kind enough to allow me to sample some of the culinary delights that were being enjoyed by the guests, and a better plate of food you would struggle to find.

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