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Grove Wedding Photographers

Billed as London’s country estate, The Grove is certainly a place where you can tick all the boxes venue-wise as not only do you get all the benefits of a London Hotel, you get around 300 acres of green space and fresh Hertfordshire air around you as well. I believe they have a golf course as well but not having donned my plus fours for a few years I couldn’t comment on how fair the greens are.

Have shot both outside wedding ceremonies at The Grove as well as inside, you can see that they know their onions when it comes to efficient organisation and each time I have shot there they have been no different. Well worth checking it out if you want a bit of London on a lawn!( I might copyright that!)

At any given time you are likely to bump into the England football team or contestants from the X-factor. Ok, I couldn’t profess to be an avid watcher of the X-factor as I am usually working on Saturday evenings but I am sure if I took my girls along for a weekend stay they would ensure I was well versed in who is the latest hottie in the music industry.

I have shot a few Jewish weddings here as well as a rather colourful Ghanaian/Chinese affair which lasted three days and took in Camden Town, The Grove and The Grand Imperial in Victoria along the way, so I think its fair to say that Grove wedding photographers benefit from an eclectic mix of clients to shoot for and a wide variety of locations to choose from when photographing weddings there, be it a winter wedding or the summer variety.


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