image of big ben
bride applies make up
bride applying make up
bride smiles at london wedding photographer
bride applies eye make up for wedding
brides mum helps with jewellery
bride on phone
bride reads wedding greetings card
funky image of bride getting ready
bride putting on wedding dress
bride puts on wedding garter
bridesmaids puts garter on bride
brides mother puts on earrings for bride
bride puts on earrings for london wedding
bride arrives in taxi
bride arrives at london wedding venue one whitehall
bride and bridesmaids arrive at ceremony
groom waits for bride
smiling granny waits for bride
groom awaits arrival of bride
bride arrives in tears
bride and groom get married at one whitehall
wedding ceremony at one whitehall
groom smiles at bride
bride and groom exchange wedding rings
bride and groom laughing
bride watches reading
bride in tears
bride smiling during wedding ceremony
bride crying during ceremony
bride groom leave wedding one whitehall
bride gets in carriage
bride smiles with guests at house of lords
smiling wedding guest in sunglasses
bride enjoys drink on terrace at lords
bride shows mum wedding ring
wedding invite house of lrds
wedding guest smiles at london wedding photographer
wedding guest at house of lords
wedding lanyard house of lords
groom enjoys house of lords wedding
bride stands in front of london eye
house of lords signage
bride and groom pose for london wedding photos
bride and groom at reform club wedding
bride and groom reform club london
bride smiles at groom
bride and groom kiss at reform club wedding
bride and groom silhouette
bride touches grooms nose
bride and groom kiss in sun
bride smiles at groom in london
bride and groom giggling
groom gazes at bride
father of bride speech
groom laughs at wedding speeches
bride and groom smiling during reception
bride and groom steal a cheeky kiss
groom makes speech
groom makes speech
bride laughing at speeches
bride watches groom during speech
bride laughing at grooms speech
groom laughs at best man speech
wedding guest enjoy speeches
bride and groom laugh during speeches
bride and groom laughing at speeches
peggy porschen cake
reform club wedding tables
interior image reform club wedding
bride and guests at reform club reception
guests enjoy reform club wedding
bride and groom first dance
bride and groom dancing
bride and groom boogie
bride dances at wedding reception
groom dancing at reform club wedding
dancing london wedding guests
chinese bride enjoys party
bride in chinese wedding gown dancing

Any London wedding photographer will tell you one of the beauties of such a vocation is the variety of clients you get to photograph weddings for. Recognised as one of the most multi cultural cities in the world London allows us wedding photographers to work for people from all backgrounds at venues that range from swish hotels to riverboat parties with the odd iconic landmark thrown in. This in itself offers its own challenges and opportunities but boy can they be rewarding to shoot. London weddings are no different from others in that they are always about you, the people that are getting married and that is always my focus, the relationship between the stars of the day Mrs Bride and Mr Groom. Couple that with a collection of your nearest and dearest and you have the perfect ingredients for a spectacular London wedding.

The slideshow above is a case in point with Julie & Mano celebrating a coming together of cultures at a few of London’s finest spots. After taking to plunge at One Whitehall Place, we popped into The House of Lords for drinks on the terrace before heading over to The Reform Club for dinner and party time allowing their family and friends to take in a few of the sights whilst in the midst of toasting the happy couple.

I don’t know it for a fact but I suspect that your choices of London wedding photographer stretches far and wide because there are oodles of photographers that wish to shoot in the capital but being a Londoner by birth I think its always better to shop local as it were. Granted I don’t turn up wearing a pearly kings outfit or come dressed as a chimney sweep (both London wedding traditions of old) but I do enjoy the energy, variety and fun that London weddings offer and being a photographer you should always be excited by that.

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