bride making wedding favours
bride making her own decorations
brides toes with neon polish
bride applies mac make up
bride laughing at card from groom
groom practices speech
groom puts on wedding shoes
groom puts on bespoke wedding shirt
bride gets ready with bridesmaids
bride is helped into bespoke wedding gown by bridesmaids
blenheim palace
wedding ice cream van arrives
bride and father sell ice cream to bridesmaids
bride serves ice cream
brides neon finger nails
bride and bridesmaids pose in from of ice cream van
groom waits for bride in bespoke wedding suit
groom and ushers wait for bride
groom waits in bespoke designed jacket
groom crosses fingers waiting for bride
groom kisses bride's hand
wedding singer performs london wedding
bride and groom look at each other during ceremony
bride laughs surrounded by red helium balloons
little boys takes picture at wedding
brides father hands bride to groom
bride kisses dad at altar
bride looks through wedding sunflowers
bride and groom change rings
bride and groom exchange rings with harpist behind
bride and groom kiss in from of harpist
groom looks at bride
bride and groom hold hands
guests take photos at wedding
little boy takes photo at london wedding
groom takes photos with wedding camera
bride and groom walk through confetti
bride and groom walk through confetti
bride watches rose petals fall for weddings
wedding guests in bespoke wedding hats
guests play musical chairs at wedding
guest wears fencing mask at wedding
wedding guest in bespoke hat
guests play musical chairs at wedding
wedding guests dance in designer wedding hats
bride sits on groom at wedding
bride and grannie clash for wedding chair
wedding guest holds neon invite
bride holds ice cream at wedding
magician shows wedding guest tricks at wedding
guest pulls face at wedding
bride runs away from groom
bride and groom relax during wedding photos
bride and groom pose for london wedding photographer
bride and groom pose for london wedding photos
bride and groom pose in bespoke wedding outfits
bride and groom kiss in front of wedding roses
tables cape of london wedding
decorative flowers and wedding cakes
bride cries whilst entering wedding reception
groom and his wedding playlist
bespoke wedding place settings
guests posing for london wedding photographers
wedding guest with flowers in hair
bride laughs with guest amidst sunflowers
father of bride makes speech
bride makes speech
wedding guest in tears at london wedding reception
groom watches bride speaking at wedding
groom laughs at brides speech
groom in tears at wedding speeches
groom makes speech
bride through goldfish bowl
bride in neon make up
bride surrounded by wedding balloons
best men makes speech
groom laughs in bespoke shirt
bride and groom first dance
bride and groom dance lindy hop
windy hope dancing at wedding

Not many (if any) London photographers will have had a Blenheim Palace wedding and witnessed a full on version of musical chairs in the Orangery mid wedding celebrations, but not many Blenheim Palace weddings will have been graced by Fee & David and their guests. Mad as a box of frogs this lot, everyone of them but boy was this a mighty fine wedding to photograph. Cameras at the ready and just shoot what is happening in front of you was my brief for this one and it was that simple. It was so colourful and fun that any decent wedding photographer would have thought Carlsberg had moved into the wedding market.

Fee had made all of the wedding details herself by hand including the tea cosies that adorned every table. No need for your faux vintage tea cups here people, this was authenticity as its best. Even the ice creams that guests were treated to courtesy of Mr Whippy looked like Fee had worked her magic on them. I think the bespoke dresses (yes two of them) and a bespoke wedding suit were the only thing that she hadn’t laid her creative hands on.

Its also happens to be the only wedding I have photographed where there was a goldfish sitting on the top table. Now I’ve seen a few things as a wedding photographer but never a goldfish as a guest. Hats at weddings? its always a bit of a quandry isn’t it. Not for this one no. You must bring a hat otherwise how can you join in with the fun and games on offer. I couldn’t decide which milliner was responsible for the fencing mask that sat on one guests head but it was an inspired choice. That and the felt (and velcro) beret that catches the little balls that kids throw at you were my personal favourites, but take a look and decide for yourself. Next time you get invited to a wedding and are wondering about what head gear to sport, just pop back here for inspiration.

Talking of inspiration Fee has her own funky boutique in East London that is well worth checking out. Fee Fee La Fou. Prepare to be enetratained

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