Destination Wedding Photographers

December 2, 2015

Its a bit of a misleading term, Destination Wedding Photographers. Unless you are getting married pretty much next door to your photographer then essentially all wedding photographers are of the destination variety because as with most vocations, you go where the work is. Partial to ‘hamming’ things up a bit the wedding industry deems  that if you have shot abroad, you are ‘classed’ as a destination wedding photographer. It doesn’t make you better, maybe more experienced yes, but by and large it means you have more stamps on your passport. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot over 25 weddings overseas, the furthest east being India, furthest west being The British Virgin Islands, north would be staying in hut on farm in Norway and south I suspect has been Marrakesh a couple of times.

Each and every one brings a new challenge which I would suggest is the most rewarding aspect of them because you have you have your wits about you (but not in a SAS sort of way) and the chances are you will be out of your usual shooting comfort zone, so you have to adapt to and overcome new situations, whether they be learning how to say ‘smile’ in Arabic or avoiding sharks in the Carribbean sea (one swan over the top of my feet whilst I stared down at it thinking maybe it was time to get out of the water).

Whichever way you choose to view the term destination wedding photographer though matters not. From my own perspective I would class myself as a London wedding photographer who is lucky enough to get asked to pop abroad a few times a year to shoot and be part of my clients celebrations and that in anyones book is a nice perk of the job. On top of that my two daughters like it because I always bring them back something from my travels.

You can see my most recent overseas wedding just here. If you are getting married overseas and would like to discuss your photography options, please feel free to drop me a line or give me a call.

Destination wedding photographer


destination wedding photographers