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Just so you know who you are calling or messaging when you get in contact, that’s me, and dependant on how hard I have been hitting the gym, I should look roughly like this on your wedding day, give or take a few pounds. I am far better at taking pictures than I am a writing words for my website but equally I prefer to not give you the standard wedding photographer blurb on my passion for photography and how I’ve owned a camera since I was in nappies, so this is me in my own words.


Weddings are about people. You and your nearest and dearest will gather somewhere smart and swanky with much anticipation, excitement and love to celebrate wildly on a date in the future that will always be referenced going forward for a multitude of reasons. These may well range from when Grannie got at the sherry too early to stories of how Lucy and Jim finally got it together as a couple on the dance floor before disappearing into the night under a haze of too many mojitos. This would have all been fine of course except Lucy & Jim didn’t actually turn up together so their respective partners will remember your day for both the time they stopped drinking Mojitos (forever) and the day they started to really dislike the aforementioned Lucy & Jim (forever).

Amidst this glamorous melee that is dressed up as a wedding day however, you guys will be centre stage. No-one in attendance will have been invited unless they know either of you personally so it stands to reason that their attention will be directed towards your good selves. In fact the only one who watches you so closely that isn’t invited will probably be me. But I am allowed because that’s what you will have got me there to do. You would like me to catch you guys having a bloody good time on your wedding day because you want some mighty fine photos of such moments to look back on to remind you of what a wonderful day it was.


So as a photographer what qualifies me to be able to assume the privilege of documenting your day for you? Its a fair question because nowadays even Grannie on the sherry can take a photo and call herself a photographer. Having shot over 500 weddings however, I would hope that I am safe in stating that I would be considered more experienced (at taking photos) than Grannie. Experience that has seen plenty of plaudits and awards along the way as well as an eye that is called upon to judge both national and international photography competitions. A talent that has been commissioned by those in high society to those of notoriety and all variations in between in all four corners of the globe.

So thats me. I am a wedding photographer and I would love to shoot your story.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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If you would like to call it is 07788-660198 and email is jezdickson @

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