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Just so you know who you are calling or messaging when you get in contact, that’s me, and dependant on how hard I have been hitting the gym, I should look roughly like this on your wedding day, give or take a few pounds as well as donning a suit!

Wedding fees are based around the £1500 mark with both shorter and longer coverage options available. For full pricing and availability please do fill out all the boxes. Not just because I am nosey, but primarily because it beats the spam police. Be as original as you wish and tell me as much as you can about your wedding day, when, where, how you met, as much as you wish that you think is relevant.

By the way, the ‘tell me about your partner’ box has a default kick out setting to any submissions using ‘kind,cute and cuddly’. My all time favourite answer to this was ‘asleep on the sofa’ which is four words technically but I liked it nonetheless.

Studio hours are Mon-Sat 10-6 but I do aim to respond to enquiries reasonably sharpish because I appreciate you have a wedding to sort and you want some answers!

If you prefer to call for pricing etc, thats just grand, my number is 07788-660198. Email is jezdickson @ gmail. com.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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p.s Please note for the sake of clarity, all dates are booked out on the receipt of the booking fee paid via internet banking or paypal (no cheques please. My daughter asked me what one was the other day!). Some dates go early, some come in late, there is no rhyme or reason to it in all honesty, which is why I believe the ‘first past the post’ approach is the fairest to all.

p.p.s Due to the amount of enquiries received it would be nigh on impossible to meet everyone in the early stages of planning. Skype and the good old fashioned telephone seem to be the favoured option initially with a follow up at my little club in town at some point prior to your wedding to ascertain the finer details of your big day.

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