Connaught Hotel Weddings


Connaught Weddings

Having already photographed a few Connaught Hotel Weddings and with some more to come over the next few months it is certainly a wedding venue that gets the juices flowing for photographers. Not only is it in one of the smartest parts of town (Mayfair), where it sits on the apex of Mount Street and Carlos place, its also a bit of a hidden gem photographically. The suites are spectacular and the event space is both varied in size choices but also aesthetic. It has its own ‘Moon garden’ (see above) and the frontage is protected from the Berkley Sq traffic but a rather snazzy fountain area. Should you wish for some greenery you can simply pop over the aforementioned Mount street and bath in the glorious gardens of Farm Street, which also happens to be home to one of London’s nicest churches. So all in all, its a mighty fine venue for any London wedding and well worth dropping by should you be in the locale.




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