Chelsea Town Hall Weddings

chelsea town hall weddings

Chelsea Town Hall Weddings

I love the shot above as it epitomises for me what Chelsea Town Hall Weddings are all about for me. Quite often when photographing weddings at Chelsea you see brides in non-white. Maybe its the non-conventional feel of the place that lends itself to encourage some originality and individuality or maybe it’s because Chelsea weddings ‘tend’ to be shorter and more informal so that style fits the mood and aesthetic of the day. Either way it works.

Thats the beauty of London and its relationship with weddings really. It totally embraces the authentic, the original and sometimes weird and celebrates the fact that all are welcome in our town. We have ‘sooper dooper luxury whooper’ weddings at swish venues north south east and west and we have small ‘just the two of us and a pub lunch’ affairs. All as important, valid and as memorable as each other in their own ways. I suspect just about every nationality in the world has been represented wedding-wise at Chelsea and I think thats a wonderful feather to have in their cap.

They are a good bunch down Kings Road way at the registry office. Always upbeat and friendly, and always proud that folks have chosen Chelsea to get married and celebrate on the iconic steps. There is a very subtle bohemian undertone with most as well which perfectly mirrors the locale and ‘clients’. More than happy to allow photographers to do their thing ( in fact they positively encourage it) it is always a tick in the box when I see a Chelsea wedding enquiry come in. I used to live just around the corner from the town hall as well, so it holds a sweet little spot in my being and I suspect always will.

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